National Day

By Not Known

Our celebration of National Day is a good occasion to reflect on civil government
through God’s eyes.

Singapore is not a Christian country. Our majority population is not Christian.
Neither is Christianity our main cultural legacy. Nor is Christianity given a
privileged position by legislation. However, this is a country with a significant
Christian presence. Many citizens are Christians and there is a Christian ‘shadow’
over institutions such as the law.

More to the point, our national life is lived before God, who sets the boundaries of
history and nations (Acts 17:26). A positive attitude to government is part of the
alien‘ life that God calls Christians to as an expression of holiness (1 Pt 2:9-14).
We can never put civil government in the place of our highest loyalties, for that
would be an idolatrous disowning of God (Acts 4:19). We should, however pay
taxes and government charges with good grace, pray for government and obey its
laws (Rom 13:1-7; 1 Tim 2:1-2).

There is much to be thankful for in Singapore and we should lift our voices to God
In thanks for religious freedom, social stability, racial harmony and economic

On this National Day, there are some significant national challenges that deserve
our prayerful attention:

  • The leadership transition on 12 August
  • Better caring for marginalised groups such as racial and religious
    minorities; people with disabilities; people with mental illnesses; the
    homeless; low paid foreign workers
  • The reality of ever-more frantic lives as people try to cope with multiple
    and rising expectations on all fronts
  • Adjustment of social policies to deal with the new realities of changing
    family and personal patterns
  • Impoverishment of spirit by a largely materialistic worldview
  • A good balance between the ‘public square’ and private space
  • The interplay of diversity and unity within national life
  • A lifting of vision and dreams among children and youth
  • External threats such as terrorism

Let us be good citizens, showing our Christian faith as we stand alongside people
of other beliefs and worldviews in this great country.