By Not Known

Missions is the work of communicating the message about Jesus and challenging people to believe in him. The reason for missions is simple: God plans to save a vast number of people from every branch of humanity and uses his church to tell about Jesus and gather those people (Rev. 7:9- 10; Mt 28: 19- 20; Eph 3:7- 11)

Missions cannot ever be an optional activity or a hobby for an interested few in the church. Missions is the core business of the church.

For this reason, a variety of mission activities are in our congregational ministry plan. They embrace local and overseas outreach minitries.

Here are some of our outreach activities:

  • Fifth Sunday outreach services and follow-up classes
  • Training in personal evangelism
  • Coordinating plans by local churches for SMU ministry
  • Keryx Fellowship
  • Missions prayer meetings
  • Ongoing support for Paul Johnson
  • Support for Brian and Lois Michell (from mid 2004)
  • Support for a specialised local outreach ministry
  • Partnership with Joyful Grace Presbyterian Church, Pontian
  • Exploring partnerships for work in Sumatra and Riau Islands

Our Board’s Missions and Evangelism Committee gives the leadership in organising and conducting these activities. However, like all ORPC ministries, they are a whole-church activity.

All of us have some part to play in outreach work. We can all invite people to outreach services and share our faith at home or work. We can all help pray and pay for full time missionaries and their work. We can all ask if God wants us in missions’ service: whether full or part time, long term or short term.

Let us remember that all of us are in God’s kingdom only because there were people who left home as missionaries and brought the message about Jesus to our part of the world. And these were people who shared their faith with us, led us to faith and nurtured that new faith from infancy to maturity.

Pray that God will give us a missionary heart and use us well to spread the message about Jesus