Drawing closer to Him

The birth of Jesus is momentous and changed the course of world history. More importantly, Jesus offers eternal life to whosoever believes in him. Due to him, countless lives have been transformed and spiritually uplifted.

One evening, as I reflected on the birth of Jesus, the following thoughts came to my mind:

  1. Jesus was born to die sacrificially for others. Most of us are born hoping to live life to the fullest. Jesus was born to die so as to give to others life in the fullest;
  2. Jesus, being divine, is the most powerful person in the universe. Yet he lowered himself to become a servant to the unworthy and condemned;
  3. He gave up his invincible power and became weak so as to reach out to the lost. Paradoxically, his weakness became a source of strength that drew many to him;
  4. He loved and cared deeply for his enemies to the extent that he died for them. Even as he hung on the cross, he prayed, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34);
  5. His teaching transformed the world and is the gold standard for holy and righteous living.

In view of the above, how then should we respond to Jesus? There are four possible responses:

First, we can reject and deny him. We can pour cold water on the gospel and turn away from him. Some will even vilify and show disdain for him.

Second, we can be agnostic towards him and sit on the fence. We will neither support nor denigrate the gospel. For some, the gospel is not important in their lives and they brushed it aside.

Third, we can be lukewarm about Jesus. We follow him at our convenience and only if he serves our purpose. Some may treat Jesus like an insurance policy. They will live life without regard to him thinking that they can fall back on him in case heaven and hell exist.

Finally, we can believe Jesus with conviction and be prepared to follow and obey him. We will pay the cost of obeying Jesus and serve him faithfully.

Brothers and sisters, how important is Jesus in your life? More importantly, going forward, do you want to draw closer to him? May God empower you to decide wisely…

Wishing all a blessed Christmas!