Let’s Us Celebrate!

By Not Known

“Praise The Lord. Blessed are those who fear the LORD,  who find great delight in his commands.” Ps 112:1

In just a few more days, we will be celebrating the 52nd Anniversary of our Independence Day. The message of the National Day is “a rallying call to unite all Singaporeans” from diverse background, race and religion. “It encourages Singaporeans to harness our diversity and to leave no one behind as we strive towards an even brighter future.” (https://www.ndp.org.sg/).  Traditionally, we celebrate through the parade and fireworks, with various mini celebrations at all community centres over the following weeks.

As a Church, we celebrate and rejoice with our nation, giving thanks to our heavenly Father for His great blessings, mercy and grace over our country.  We commit in prayers for our nation to recognise Jesus Christ as the Light of the world and to respond to His love and forgiveness.

Psalm 112 could help us reflect with a better understanding of the significance and meanings of true celebration.  The first verse mentions that one who fears the Lord and takes delight in His commands will be blessed. The blessing of a relationship with the Lord is a true reason for joy and celebration. When we are blessed with knowing the Lord, our descendants will be blessed too (v2). For they will have the opportunities to hear the gospel and to be saved through accepting Christ.

Everyone wants to be rich, but not everyone wants to be spiritually blessed, God’s promise of prosperity is a lasting one (v3). Spiritual blessings are certain and much more significant for those who love and obey the Lord. What is the purpose of being blessed with wealth as well as spiritual depth? It spells out in verse 5, the promise of goodness is for those who are generous and lend freely. This reminds me of God’s purpose for the blessing of Singapore with prosperity and wealth – for us to use our wealth to help the poor and needy, to do mission for the third world countries and to raise up more pastors and missionaries. For those who are rich in the Word and spirituality, they are to enrich the poor in spirit with knowledge and understanding of the Word.

No one wants troubles and sufferings but in vv 4, 7 – 9, promise us of light in the worst times, freedom from fear, security, victory and honour. With the current uncertainties and chaos in terrorist acts, the world is living in fear. The call for maximum security through simulated terrorist attacks in the public places of Singapore highlights the preparation for sudden attack. Can we truly be well prepared for inhumane and brutal acts when they happen? Where does our security come from? God has initiated and built the bridge of love and security in Jesus Christ, we enjoy peace and security and our souls are secured when we accept and believe in Him.  The psalmist promises us that we are free from fear (v7). We now live to worship and to celebrate God’s presence daily; to fear and reverent Him through obeying His instructions. The evil one can destroy our body, but not our souls because we trust in God steadfastly.

Let’s celebrate because we have our loving and compassionate God who has promised to be with us at all times with His great blessings on our nation.