Reaching Out As We Worship

By Not Known

You might not have heard of this dreaded illness, uppgivenhetssyndrom.  It affects solely young refugees in Sweden where youths were suddenly seized by it and go into a coma-like state.  As one medical professional had described it, a Snow White syndrome.  How even healthy academic high-achievers may suddenly go into a coma-state baffle medical and social workers.  The moment they heard that all avenues of appeal to remain in Sweden was exhausted and that they were to be deported, it happened.  Many of them were from Russia and Eastern Europe.  No cure has yet been found.
When there is no hope, the will to live or to remain productive in life just vanishes into thin air.
For many others around the world, the fight to remain alive and to survive can be a constant.  Here, our youths are more concern with their grades and what to wear and buy.  Parents are planning their kids’ school holidays and which country would they want to visit.  They want fun, great food and lots of shopping.  Most of all, they want stories to tell their classmates and friends.
How many of us would be concern with the impact and injunction of the Gospel of Christ?  How many of us would be exploring ways to reach out to those on the fringe of hopelessness or those who can’t seem to find purpose and meaning in life?
We thank God that we can gather to worship God weekly.  We are also thankful to learn from the Psalmist these past weeks about who He is and how we may worship Him more meaningfully.  How would these understandings help us to take a look at the world around us and do something constructively and creatively about the needs of the world?
When we look with caring eyes and compassionate hearts, we will see that that there are much to be done.  Take your gaze away from your own needs and wants for a moment.  Transfer your sights to the myriad of opportunities to be involved in meaningful programmes and activities that would make a difference in the lives of those around us.
Instead of a holiday to some exotic places for fun, food and shopping, take your family to other out-of-this-world places where you may witness firsthand how missions are being carried out.  For instance, be involved with the Pontian children’s camp or volunteer for a trip to Japan with Crash Japan.  Visit the slumps in Mumbai and learn about how children there survive and adopt a church ministry that reaches out to them.  Sign up for Bible distribution work in Myanmar or Nepal with mission organisations like the Bible Society.  Or visit Israel to see how Palestinians reach out to their own people in the West Bank.  Participate as a family and involve your children in the planning process and get them to pray alongside as you make plans together.  These trips will open your eyes and hearts to what God is doing in the world.
Worship God and make a difference even with your holidays.




Peter Poon