Thriving For Growth In 2017

By Not Known

As we roll on into the New year, there are some things we need a mindset change in order to really see ORPC thrive.
The first has to do with our understanding on compliance.  To embrace change and growth, we cannot simply go on a “business-as-usual” mode.  Innovations and creative developments are needed for us to look into how we can do things better, and not just how to keep things going.  For too long, we are taught to comply.  However, as a Body of believers, compliance may need to take a backseat.  I would suggest contribute rather than just to comply.  In order for the Body to grow and thrive, we need each member to contribute which is active real-time involvement in the life of the church we belong to.  The ability to contribute comes from the understanding of our belongingness.  The cross is the focal point of our contribution.  When we are a part of the main, we ensure our thriving by our active contribution and not just by our compliance.
Similarly, we need to change our grasp of these two words: if and then.  If God’s Word is true then we should not only study it but obey it too.  If God is love and He gave His life for us then we should do the same.  If ORPC is our home church then we should love it.  Either we do not have enough ifs or we have been missing out of our thens.  What are some things you can think of for ORPC to thrive on this year?  If you want them to happen, what are the thens that you need to do.  If we want to see  ORPC thrive this year, then we would need to … (what are they?).
The third mindset change has to do with hope and expectation.  Hope is a powerful thing.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ hinges on this.  Without which, we would be nowhere.  In fact, Paul in Romans reminded us about hope when he said, “and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us” (5:5).  It is the cross of our Lord that has given us hope, an unlikely instrument of death that became the point of our reconciliation with God and the source of eternal life.  Hope gives power and propels us forward.  Unfortunately, many instead of trusting in hope choose to dwell on expectation.  When we simply expect things to happen, we are often let down.  For expectations are often borne out of selfish motives.  We expect things to be done our way.  We want things to turn out the way we see fit.  Any other way or any other outcome does not meet with our expectation.  Do we place our hope on what God wants to accomplish through us or do we just sit back and expect things to turn up the way we want to?
We can make a difference in making ORPC thrive by changes in our attitude.




Peter Poon