The Unwanted Baby?

By Not Known

Mt 1:21, “She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”
As Christmas approaches, we shall read about the birth of Baby Jesus.  Was Jesus a wanted or an unwanted baby?
There are a few reasons why there are unwanted babies. For examples, an unwed mother may not have the resources or desires to have her baby delivered. A big family with many children may frown upon another baby joining the family probably the baby is seen as another burden to their financial woes.
When Joseph heard from Mary that she was pregnant with a child, he decided to divorce her quietly (Mt 1:19).
King Herod was threatened by the arrival of Baby Jesus (Lk 2:13). He heard from the Magi that the King of the Jews was to be born and was disturbed and wanted to kill him.
His own people received Jesus not and they rejected him (Jn 1:11).
Why did they reject Baby Jesus? It was possible that Joseph’s reputation might be ruined for he was a righteous man (Mt 1:19). It took an angel to correct his vision. For King Herod, his kingdom, power and rule would be overpowered when Jesus became king. For the Jews, they cannot accept a weak Messiah who died on the cross. They wanted a Messiah to overturn the rule of the Roman Empire to set them free.
Who wanted, accepted and loved Baby Jesus?  
Mary, the mother of Jesus did.  She was troubled initially but upon understanding that it was God’s plan and will, she submitted to God. For He was her Saviour and she would be blessed from generation to generation (Lk 1:48b). However, she had to face the consequences of possible shame, disgrace and death.
When the angels proclaimed to the shepherds the birth of Baby Jesus, They welcomed the good news and made their way to worship Baby Jesus. They were filled with jubilation (Lk 2:20) after they had heard and seen Him.
When the Magi searched and found the Baby Jesus in Bethlehem, They worshipped Him with treasures – gifts of gold, incense and myrrh (Mt 2:11).
This Christmas, will you welcome Baby Jesus like Mary, the shepherds and the Magi? Will you love Him, be filled with joy that He is our Saviour and bring Him gifts, not with gold or incense, but with our hearts.



John Chew