Don’t Waste Your Life!

By Not Known

God desires that you not waste your life,
but just give it back to Him,
for instead of misery, strife and loss,
He can help you play to win.
Life is like a game, you see,
a match that wrestlers play;
You do your best to stand and fight,
but the devil is in the way.
If you give in and join the devil,
then the fight so soon is o’er,
and you have lost the battle
for he has skewed the score.
But if you give your life to Jesus,
He takes the devil on,
and helps you overcome him,
gives you the victor’s song.
Sure, Satan’s punch is heavy,
strength is in his arm,
But God, our royal Master,
protects you from real harm.

The trials you face will strengthen you;
their purpose is from God;
He uses them to train you,
and drive you to His Word.

So, do not shirk your duty,
and run about to play,
just commit yourself to Jesus,
until the judgment day.


By Joyce Guy