Faith Of A Christian Leader

By Not Known

Even if you may not be a Christian leader, this subject is relevant to everyone for three reasons:
1)    We all serve under the leadership of the church and ministry; our             leaders’ faith in God can affect us who are being led.
2)    These leaders are also brothers and sisters-in-Christ called to lead; they         need our prayers and encouragement to be faithful.
3)    Our leaders’ faith in God and faithfulness in leading matter to God’s             glory; their accountability is also our responsibility.
Judges 4:8 is of interest to us concerning the faith of a leader. In his decision whether to obey God’s instruction or not, Barak sought confidence and company in another human leader, Deborah. For that he forfeited the honour that God was to give him. Deborah agreed to Barak’s request in order that he would not disobey God completely. This put Barak’s faith in question although he eventually did lead the army to fight. Was his faith real, deficient, or absent? This is worth reflecting on.
Every Christian leader is called to lead God’s people out of his personal relationship with God. Faith in Christ is ultimately what distinguishes his leadership from his non-Christian colleagues who are also leaders in the secular world. A Christian leader leads to please God. He makes decisions based on a key criterion: What will bring highest glory to God? Therefore, we need to pray for all our church and ministry leaders to always seek God’s highest glory, rather than their own popularity, in leading God’s people and doing God’s work.
Every Christian leader, however, will be subject to tests and temptations that surface his strengths and also weaknesses. We should not be surprised that they have weaknesses that show up in the course of their service. What is more important is whether he remains godly in dealing with those weaknesses and in his treatment of those he leads. It would be unfortunate if a Christian leader denies his weaknesses out of pride or insecurity, and rejects those who lovingly point them out. King Saul is a classic Old Testament example of a king who fell from the favour of God and man because of his pride and insecurity (1 Samuel 15:23; 18:7-8). Therefore, we need to pray for all our church and ministry leaders to be humble and teachable before God.
Our church and ministry leaders are not perfect. They do falter from time to time. Let us pray that they will keep faith in God and stay faithful in their service.



Benson Goh