A New Generation Of Workers

By Not Known

As we approach our AGM in two Saturdays’ time, we will read many reports of ministries and activities. Each must be planned, prepared for, prayed over and executed by people. Over the years there will be many activities, requiring people with different skills, gifting and experience. The bigger the projects, the more people with a greater variety of skills needed.

Looking back, I realize that we often tend to rely on “the same old people” to carry out various responsibilities. For example if it is a concert, and props or costumes are needed, we would almost automatically think of asking the person who did the same at the last concert.  Or if we were needing food, we would go to the ones who are the regular cooks, or those who supplied goodies last time round. Same for MC, singers, actors, A/V crew etc.
Now this is not necessarily a bad thing, because it means that thankfully there IS an existing pool of people we can tap on. But, as the church grows with more and newer people joining, some of these new ones might do the job as well as, or even better than those on whom we relied before. But the organizing committee still arrows “the same old people”.

The worrying thing about constantly using these same folk is that
i)     They can become overworked even if they don’t complain.
ii)    The ideas that come from “the same old people” may be ‘the same old ideas”.
iii)    The new talent which has come into the church of late is not mobilized.
iv)    When “the same old people” are no longer around, there will be a sudden vacuum, a lack of experienced workers.

To deal with this situation I think 2 things are required:
A    The “same old people” have to say “Let’s BRING IN NEW WORKERS” even though it may take more effort to find and mobilise them. This group of “old soldiers” may have to work together with new ones first, train them, give them exposure, then hand it over completely (and not take it back!).
B    The newer or younger people who have recently come into the church who have the spiritual gifts, abilities and experience MUST OFFER TO SERVE. God wants you to be active servants, not passive spectators therefore it is your responsibility to come forward. Church is not about just worshipping, but also integrating. It is about serving each other and serving the community outside the church.

In short we need “a handover mentality” whereby we DELIBERATELY pass the baton on to the next/younger generation. If we fail to do this, we fail to equip others for service and that is potentially fatal for the church. Let’s prepare a new generation of workers.


Graham Ng