The Mission

By Not Known

Since childhood, we love stories of heroes and heroines; of good prevailing over evil; of struggles and of self-sacrifices for greater good.
As a little boy, I remembered watching the Star Wars movies, and wanting to be a hero. I imagined myself triumphant above circumstances, with a lightsabre in my hand.

Heroic tales captivate and stir our hearts, don’t they?

Hence we support the underdogs fighting against the ‘establishment’; we shed tears for the selfless spouse who remain committed to their handicapped husband or wife; and we empathised with organizations dedicated to the cause of righting injustices in the world.

We are enamoured with such stories because we have an inert desire to live for a bigger mission.
Have you realised that a story’s defining moment comes when after much struggle, the hero embraces the greater mission.  To a large extent, our lives then become meaningful and complete when we live beyond ourselves.

As Christians, the Bible shows us that God is on a mission of revealing Jesus Christ to all tribes and tongues. He invites the church to carry out that task. This mission is truly global, and no other mission comes close to it.

Do you see that God’s mission is the biggest mission that we can give ourselves to?

But if you have no other mission in life than to get a nicer apartment, or waiting for Mr or Ms Right, or get that job promotion you always wanted, your life will never be complete and meaningful because you will never learn what it means to die to our rights and live for a greater mission.

And because you live for yourself, you will never know the joy of reaching out and seeing someone coming to faith. And because you spend for yourself, you will not know the pleasure of denying your own wants and see the needs of another being met by generosity.

We were meant for a greater mission. Let us not waste our limited lives living for our own mission. Let us live for God’s mission that will truly captivate and stir our hearts. For through it, we will find true meaning and fulfilment in our lives.

Have you given yourself to God’s mission yet?


Amos Lau