Mortal Man, Eternal God – Psalm 90

By Not Known

1.  God is eternal, from everlasting to everlasting v2 — Even before the mountains were created, God was already there.  He is the eternal Watcher before whom the life of every single creature is lived out, coming and going like actors in a perpetual play.

2. Even a thousand years is like a day in God’s perspective v4 — How much shorter is the span of a human life – the longest on record being less than 120 years? As long as a scratch on the Great Wall of China in relation to eternity.

3. Men are like grass which lasts only for a day v5 — New in the morning and by evening it is dry and withered. Or a puff of smoke, or a wild flower which is scorched by the sun.

4. We finish our years with a moan v9 — As sickness and weakness inflict their toll, as our “earthly tent” groans because of wear and tear. Even simple daily chores like getting up, changing clothes, eating a meal, standing and sitting – all these sap the strength and can even cause accidents and injuries. Sadly, some elderly folk resort to taking their own lives because they cannot endure the prison of their failing bodies.

5. The length of our years is 70, maybe 80 if we have the strength v10 — Once we get to that stage of life we have to prepare for eternity.  We must accept our mortality, think of passing on our spiritual and material resources to the next generation.  We have to think of making a will, planning our funeral services, consider how we want our bodies to be disposed of: cremation, burial, ashes scattered in the sea?  If you don’t leave a clear document detailing what you want for your funeral arrangements, your surviving kin will have to either guess, or do what they feel is appropriate.

6. They quickly pass v10c — My late father was in hospital for the last 2 months of his life, my late mother less than 10 days. Both had illnesses which required intensive treatment, my mother had to have an operation to straighten her small intestine, which was followed by a heart attack. In their mid-eighties, their bodies were starting to fail and were not able to take prolonged infections.

7. We fly away v10d — Where will we “fly” to – heaven or hell? Where will you spend eternity?  There are no “exit” signs in hell, and no back door into heaven. Acts 4:12f “Salvation is found in no-one else (but Jesus whom you crucified but whom God raised from the dead..”) for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”

8. Therefore Moses cries to God “Teach us to number our days aright… that we may gain a heart of wisdom” v12 — To number our days is to count how many days we have lived by God’s grace, and how many days we have left, if Jesus does not return in our lifetime. No one knows the exact day/time our lives will end therefore we must be ALWAYS ready. The wise person is always ready.  

How many days left do you have?


Graham Ng