Ending Well

By Not Known

Steven Covey once said, “No one at his deathbed wished they had spent more time at the office.”

Rick Warren also told his congregation, “As a pastor  I have stood at the bedside of literally thousands of people as they took their last breath.  I have never once had somebody at their dying moment say, ‘Bring me my bowling trophy, I want to see it one more time; bring me my certificate, my college degree so I can look at it one more time; bring me the nice gold watch I got for 30 years of service at my company.’  Nobody ever says that; they say, ‘Bring me the people that I love.’ In the closing moments of their life, what people want are those they love the most around them. We all eventually figure out that life is all about love. I just hope people learn that sooner.”

If that’s the case, finishing well in life would mean that there are loved ones around us at our deathbeds.

When Christ died at the cross, there were people surrounding him.  Not everyone there loved the Lord.  Still, whether these people there knew it or not, when Christ died, everyone there was someone whom Christ loved personally and dearly.  He loved them so much that he died in their place.

How many have we loved in our life so far?  Who would you want to be there when you leave this world?  What would you want to tell them before you go?

Christ commended his spirit into God’s hand.  He breathed his last to take away the sins of the world.  But many in the world at that time (or even now) didn’t know him or care about his death.  Many thought he was wasting their time.  Many were disappointed.  Death for them was the end.  All their hopes and dreams vanished with his death on the cross.

Yet, we know that it was not the end.  It was a necessary step to take in order that hope may be realised.  It was the only way to appease the wrath of a righteous God.  Death was the beginning of hope.  For in that death, our sins died with him.  When he rose again, our hope rose with him. Christ’s life ended well.

Yes, life is all about love.  When life ends, we need to know if we had truly known and experienced God’s love.  We need to know if we have loved the people around us as God taught us to love.  Will your life end well?


Peter Poon