Praying Together

By Not Known

The Sanhedrin – “the rulers, elders and teachers of the law” – just had to take the evidence as it stood. Right before their eyes was the crippled beggar completely healed, with the Jewish onlookers praising God for what had taken place as five thousand amongst them had just turned to Christ (Acts 4:4). There was absolutely no way for these rulers, elders and teachers of the law to cover up the truth except to release Peter and John after threatening them (vv21-22).

Were Peter and John intimidated by their threats? No, it is significant to us that Peter and John just brought the threats immediately into prayer before God together with their fellow Christians (vv23-24). And their prayer time ended with an earthquake as the place where they were meeting was shaken. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit, proclaiming the word of God boldly with one heart and mind (vv31-32).

How did that happened? It began as the church in unity, raised their voices together in prayer to God (v24). Not so much of what they said, but their very act of togetherness as the church went before the Lord with one heart and mind. And little wonder the ground shook.

Psalm 133 talks succinctly of this goodness and pleasantness of brothers living in unity with one heart and mind. It is as though the priestly oil that anointed and consecrated Aaron is poured down upon God’s people, setting them apart for God in the same way. It is like the dew from Mount Hermon that refreshes and fructifies the people as they worship God on the mountains of Zion. God is glorified as His people flourish and are joyfully praying together. “For there the Lord bestows His blessings, even life forevermore,” (vv1-3).

We at ORPC are challenged to live out the same kind of unity as the early church in our lives together especially in prayer. Only as we look to the Lord together as a community of love will we receive that empowerment we need to revitalize our individual and corporate lives. Are we that loving community that comes together regularly especially in the fellowship of prayer? Fellowship is not exercised only when we come together to eat and play, but more so when we PRAY together as God’s loving community.

What better opportunity will it be for us to demonstrate afresh as a community of love to unite together in corporate prayer at our coming monthly congregational prayer meeting on 4 July next month? Let us come  with one heart and mind to reiterate ORPC’s dependence on almighty God. Let God be glorified amongst us as “the Lord bestows His blessings, even life forevermore” (Psalm 133:3). May we also feel the ground shake as we are filled with the Holy Spirit proclaiming the word of God boldly. (Acts 4:31).

Joseph Teng