Dragon Babies?

By Not Known

We should all be bracing for an economic downturn soon.  Yet the news during the last few days had been predicting a baby boom for the year of the water dragon.  According to Chinese folk beliefs, dragon babies are especially auspicious.  So despite the tendency for Singaporean parents normally to give birth to fewer babies, the dragon year will be an exception.  Indeed economists are suggesting to the nation to make preparations for the dragon baby booms that are expected to happen at every twelve-year cycle since record birthrates are now predictable and therefore manageable.  In fact, the national planners can now take a rest during this and every dragon year from encouraging higher birth rates.  

How should Christians respond to this?  I believe “nothing”.  While awaiting for Christ to come again and living our lives circumspectly in view of that, life goes on as if nothing happens.  Even though some of our parents and relatives believe that dragon babies are especially auspicious, we do not make extra efforts to produce babies in time for the dragon year because we are not bound by such belief. On the other hand, I don’t think we need to deliberately put off giving birth to babies if they happen to arrive within the dragon year in order to prove a point.  That would be over-reacting to the beliefs. 

Our children are gifts from God and they should be treated as such.  Whether they are dragon babies or tiger, snake or any other babies, they really belong to Him.  All of us are not bound by our dates of birth − our offsprings included.  Instead of trying hard for a dragon baby, give thanks to God whether He gives you a baby or none at all.  What is more important is to have your child brought up “in the training and instruction of the Lord.”  (Eph 6:4).

Joseph Teng