God’s United Nations

By Not Known

When God confused the language of the whole world and scattered the people all over the earth (Gen 11:7&8), it was with a specific purpose that they would never be so united in power and ability as to think a world of themselves (11:4&6). The underlining danger is that humankind would deny God as God.

It is not surprising that sinful humankind should then band together in their respective tongues and identities, and war against one another for supremacy and control over the world. Human history from antiquity gives proofs to this propensity and reality. When the Babylonians ravaged Jerusalem, her Temple was destroyed, her walls were bulldozed, and her people, the Judeans, were displaced. What is known today as the United Kingdom (Britain) is no less accompanied with a complex history of warring crowns and clans. Even the modern-day Middle East and South Asia are playgrounds for ‘ancient-styled’ warlords battling for tribal control. Has anything changed since the Tower of Babel?

The United Nations (UN), an international organisation founded in 1945 after WWII by 51 member countries, is committed to maintaining international peace, developing friendships, and promoting social progress and human rights. Christians ought to applaud and support such a noble mission for the sake of fellow humanity. However, we must also be mindful that these pursuits remain high ideals because of the Fall (Gen 3) and because of Babel (Gen 11). Until the One Creator God is submitted to as the King of kings and the Lord of lords, a true UN remains a visionary hope outside the parenthesis of human achievement.

When the prophet Isaiah saw a vision of the mountain of the LORD’s temple being established over the other mountains (Isa 2:2); and when the Apostle John saw the vision of people from all nations streaming to the crowning seat of God (Rev 5:9; 7:9); they were visioning the ultimate reality of God―the King who will unite every tribe, language, people and nation by the might of his gospel.

God’s vision is not just the United Nations of Man, but the Ultimate Kingdom of God. Until then and for now, he has given us his Son Jesus Christ, mild and meek, that the Church of God may gather and worship him alone. Joy to the World and Peace on Earth indeed!

Benson Goh