Stop Nagging!

By Not Known

What is the difference between fervent petitioning and faithless nagging on God? Jesus describes the latter, in the case of the Pharisees, as an endless babbling and an empty showmanship (Matt 6:7). While many of us would also frown upon that, it is worth examining our own intercessory life.

Why do parents nag their teenagers? Why does a wife nag her husband? Why does a four year-old nag his daddy for that toy in the supermart? When a desire falls on deaf ears over and again, an angry parent, a frustrated wife, and an anxious kid will vote with their tongues. It is essentially a show of no-confidence, of distrust, and of displeasure. Sometimes, these sentiments engender our constant asking of God.

But God is not like a stubborn teenager, a forgetful husband, or an inattentive daddy who has ears that do not hear. God is our loving Father who foreknows our needs and gives his best to his children (Matt 6:32; 7:9-11). So then, why does Jesus teach the disciples to ask, seek, and knock? (Matt 7:7-8)

Fervent and active petitioning is foremost an exercise of affirming the character of God, rather than showing our faithfulness. We are the ones who need constant assurance of his goodness and faithfulness. In this sense, unceasing intercession guards our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus, so that we do not stop trusting him under prolonged waiting.

God does not need our nagging to move him into action. We are the stubborn, forgetful, and inattentive ones who need regular reminders of his unction. So, start interceding, but stop nagging!


Benson Goh