By Not Known

For those who follow the NBA or NFL, you would no doubt be familiar with MVP.  The one-time great basketball player, “His Airness” Michael Jordan won it numerous times and also three All-Star MVPs in his career.  It stands for Most Valuable Player ― one who single-handedly motivated teammates to play cohesively and contributed to the victory by his outstanding performance.

Here, I would like to introduce the concept of MVP in ORPC and would want to recruit some of you to become MVPs.  For us, it stands for Most Valuable Partners. 

John Maxwell in his book, Partners in Prayer, shared that despite God’s promise of the power of prayer to change us and the world, many Christians never tap into it.  They come to Christ, but then live beneath their privileges.  It is as though God has prepared a banquet for them, and they’re sitting in the corner with a fillet-o-fish.  The problem, John said, is that they don’t want to risk giving up their familiar sandwich for the promise of the banquet.  It is like saying, “Okay, I’m saved and I’m going to heaven, but I’m going to stay right where I am until then.”

This must never be how we are living out our wonderful redeemed lives!  We must not miss out our potentials by not praying.  The table has been laid.  The sumptuous meal has been set and you have been invited.  Not only that, you are now in the banquet hall!  Are you just going to stand there and watch others enjoy their meals?

We had been studying about prayer in the month of August.  We had learnt much and benefitted from the lessons.  In last week’s passage from Paul (Ephesians 3:14-21) we understand that there is tremendous power in spiritual strength through praying, are we going to let it pass us by without experiencing it and harnessing it to benefit the church and others?

One pastor said, “In Acts 2, they prayed for 10 days; Peter preached for 10 minutes and 3000 were saved.  Today, churches pray for 10 minutes, preach for 10 days and three get saved.”  It does not have to be this way.  As a church, we can tap into the awesome power and protection that only prayer can provide.  We can be people of prayer and with God’s help, exercise the power to bring others to Him.

Yes, we can!  It does not always have to take a miracle to be a man or woman of prayer.  It just takes someone who is willing to surrender to the power of God and get on his/her knees to talk with God.  If ORPC is to grow and be what God wants it to be, we need MVPs, prayer partners to come on the journey and pray.  God is looking for MVPs, will you come forward and be one?

Peter Poon