Eat to Live, or Live to Eat?

By Not Known

In my childhood memories, there were lots of boasting. We boasted about who had more, whose dad was stronger, who had a better holiday, whose mom’s cooking was more delicious, etc. We boasted simply because we wanted power; we wanted to be better. Even though we knew we were not, we would still try to invent reasons to prove that we were better or more powerful.

To be superior means possessing something which is higher in a hierarchical structure of any kind. Not just referring to ranking, to be superior also refers to higher in quality. There is a comparison only because a set of standards are in place. Once the results of the comparison are laid out, the conclusion is set. No argument and no dispute until new evidences are presented. However, should there be an ultimate voice that lends its weight on the conclusion then it can become final.

The author of the book of Hebrews is doing that precisely to establish the identity of Jesus Christ. Many had tried to compare Christ with many things or with other beings, like angels. What Hebrews’ writer tried to establish is that when Jesus Christ is God himself, there is no more comparison. He’s the ultimate, the final voice, the eventual conclusion. Any comparison will render it irrelevant.

The writer of Hebrews systematically shows that the comparisons do not match up and helps us to establish once and for all who Jesus is: God himself.

However, the issue is not so much to just prove who Jesus is. Rather, what do we do when we ascertain that. When it is clear that Jesus is God, do we have a sense of awe and reverence and love and trust and joy in Jesus Christ? Is he your God and your Saviour and your Master and your Friend and your Treasure? Are you earnest about him? Do you think of him and keep close fellowship with him through the day and every moment of your life? Or are you like so many who make light of him – through neglect or scorn or trifling? Does it grieve you, when someone makes fun of him or profanes his name in public? Will you stand up and defend his identity against anyone who chooses to do otherwise?

The point here is to challenge us to passionately devote ourselves to God’s glory in Jesus Christ, who is superior over all.

If life is more than food as we have learnt last week, then we truly need to learn not just to "eat to live" but also to "live to eat."

Peter Poon