ORPC – A Church At The Crossroads

By Not Known

Our 151th anniversary sees ORPC at three crossroads.

Firstly, we are at the crossroads of our nation. Our church buildings are at a
transport, educational, retailing and entertainment hub. Thousands of people pass
through our precinct weekly. We have a great opportunity to witness to them
through the enhanced banner ministy and by showing God’s character to those
who peer over the fence and see us on-site – and in many other ways.

Let us use this crossroads of our nation to show and tell the message of Jesus to as
many as possible and as effectively as possible (1Cor 9:22).

Secondly, we are at a crossroads of opportunity. We have a rich heritage and
inheritance to look back on. But God’s church must always look forwards, for there
is much to be done before the Lord returns. In this regard we thank God for the
present ministy initiatives and enhancements. In particular, it is pleasing to see
new mission partnerships that add to existing outreach ministries. Likewise, it is
good to see the church adapt and reshape in areas such as parenting and marriage
ministy, ministy to women, music and small groups – among many others. But
let’s not be complacent. Our unfinished business includes a deeper engagement
with our community’s needs in God’s love and truth.

Let us seize this crossroods of opportunity by forsetting what is behind and
pressing towards what is ahead (Phil 3:3).

Thirdly, we are at the Crossrood of Christ. His life, death, resurrection, ascension
and return are at the centre of our faith (1Cor 15:1-4). If we stand on Jesus we
are sure of God’s salvation. It is easy to forget this over time and to obscure the
Cross with churchy clutter. We need a periodic spring clean to keep our eyes of
faith fixed on Jesus. This spring clean happened in the sixteenth century
Reformation. It needs to happen in today’s church. It also needs to happen on an
individual level.

Let’s be sure to stay at the Crossroad of Christ by keeping our eyes fixed on him
(Heb 12:2). Let’s keep him at the centre of our ministries and message as we too
resolve to know nothing but Jesus Christ and him crucified (1Cor 2:2).

Let’s use this anniversary to pause, to look back and to thank God for his past
mercies among us. But let’s then press on through the crossroads in faithful
witness and service.