What are you Seeking Today?

By Not Known

There are different starting points in life where people like you and I first come to
seek God. Some seek him out of times of trouble and sickness; others out of a sense
of aimlessness and fear of the unknown; still others out of curiosity or a desire for
some kind of spiritual blessings in life.

God in all his wisdom and mercy does graciously draw people to himself through a
myriad of life circumstances. These are windows and doors through which the Spirit
of God reveals within us a sense of our fraility and helplessness, and also a groaning
for divine assistance (Rom 8:20-21). However, his ultimate purpose is to reveal
himself to us as the Lord God – the Creator (Gen 1:1) and the Redeemer (Rom 8:19,
22-23). Hence, whatever those circumstances were in leading to our first steps in
search of God, it is worthwhile asking some vilat questions concerning the progress
of our spiritual quests.

Have we been seeking God for our own sake? A form of spirituality popularised by a
certain sector of the Christian Church today is one clothed in a language of
‘blessings’ – seek God’s blessing so as to bless others. This is where people see
themselves as channels through which the good God meets human needs. Noble as it
sounds, this really is rooted in a secular philanthropic ideology that subtly promotes
amongst Christian people a fundamentally flawed belief that God is the servant of
man, and that his goodness binds him to our existential welfare, e.g. healing of
sickness and sadness, deliverance from problems and poverty. God willing, these he
will do. Unfortunately for many seekers, whether God is God depends on the
evidence of their good experiences. Those who persist in this mode of seeking God
will eventually end up disappointed with him or doubtful of their own standings with

Have we been seeking God for his own sake! The Apostle Paul calls us instead to
praise God who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in
Christ (Eph 1 :3). God ‘s blessing in Christ is first and foremost to release us from the
punishment of our sins and the power of Satan that we may live godly life to glorify
God. This is of eternal significance – the salvation of our souls – and of eternal
blessing – being children of God. Having been saved, we are to be God’s servants
for God’s own agenda, not ours!

What is God’s own agenda? God’s agenda for us is ‘worship’ and ‘proclamation’.
Sing to the LORD, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day ofter day. Declare his
glory amongs the nations, his marvellous deeds among all peoples
(1 Chron 16:23-
24). When the Gospel of Jesus Christ is accurately preached, and man turns to God
in repentance and faith, his whole life is essentially dedicated to worship God and
seek his will (Rom 12: 1 -2). Whatever your starting point may have been, this is what
the Bible calls us to seek – God’s gospel and glory.