No Regrets!

By Not Known

As of today, 2007 has wasted seven days. Sounds pessimistic to begin with? Not

Many of us look forward to a new year with numerous aspirations. But as days turn
to months and months to yet another year end, reminiscence takes over in
increasing measure. That journey from aspiration to reminiscence is often dotted
with several regrets – I should have been there and done that, but I didn’t… or, I
shouldn’t have thought and said things like that… What were your regrets last
year that would frame your aspirations this year?

Forty year of wandering in the wilderness with one generation laid to rest and
another generation raised and prepared for the Canaan mission is worth thinking
about. When the ‘battle order’ came to Joshua after Moses died (Jos 1:2) the new
Israelite generation had three days to get ready for action. Will these three days
lead to yet another forty years of wandering for them? Will they make the same
mistakes as their forefathers? Have they really learnt well the lessons God had
wanted to teach them? Will they live to regret like their forefathers did?

Time as a linear entity waits for no man. The passing of time is like a parachutist
descending upon his target. At high altitude it all appears slow and calmly
although the parachutist descends with tremendous speed. But towards the last
hundred feet the ground rushes at him with such velocity that he becomes
intensely aware that a minor mistake can be costly. Do you feel that way sometimes
at the crossing of 12 midnight on 31 December? Do you find yourself standing
at the crossroads of anxiety and anticipation? How do we respond to that?

Practically, you might like to include a ‘no-regrets’ clause in your new year plan.
Learn from the past in order that your aspiration may be prudent. As far as
possible take steps to rectify any first sign of regression to a past mistake so that
you may land on target reasonably safe and well.

However, the examples of the Israelites have shown us that doing it right once
does not guarantee success always. As quickly as they took hold of Canaan, sins
took hold of them (Jos 7). Remember that our best effort to plan and live well is
only as good as our fallen nature. For unless we trust and obey God’s clear
instructions in his Word, however good our life plans are, sins and regrets will
overtake us at some point and sooner than we think

So then, aspire to plan well and live well! But do include a ‘no-regret’ clause