The Water that Refreshes

By Not Known

Water is vital for life! Much of our physical environment and much of our human bodies consist of water. Without it, plants and people die. With it, life thrives,

We are very conscious of that in Singapore. The popeline from Malaysia is crucial to national survival and we are concerned to supplement it through local catchments, NEWwater and even desalination. And we all know to drink several glasses of water daily to prevent dehydration and kidney problems in our tropical environment.

The Bible mentions water quite often, starting with it presence as an element in creation (Gen 1: 2). As the old Testament unfolds, the giving or witholding of rain is a key sign of God’s blessings or judgement.

Water is a metaphor for God’s presence and blessings. Thus the Lord leads his people to quiet waters (Ps 23:1). They long for his presence int he same way as a thirsty deer pants for a stream (Ps 42: 1). Teh spirtually thirsty are urged to come to the ‘waters’ from God so that their souls will live (Is 55: 1- 5). Finally, one key image of heaven is of a garden city with a splendid river running donw the middle of the main street and watering a bountiful orchard (Rev 22: 1- 2). This is Orchard Road to the max!

All this is backgorund to today’s Bible reading from John 4. Jesus’ body had the same needs as ours. He was tired and thirsty after a long journey. So he went ot a well and asked a women for a drink.

This led to quite a discussion. It covered race relations, the nature of worship and the woman’s embarrasing personal life. Adn it included water. As Jesus pointed out (v 13), our theirst soon returns when we drink normal water. But when we come to him our thirst is satisfied for eternity (v 14). Jesus returns to the same theme in Jn 7:37- 38 where he uses water as an image for the Holy Spirit and links this to life.

Waht are you drinking? Maybe you are drinking spiritual soft drink which gives the thingling appearance fo satisfied thirst, but in fact makes you even thirstier. Or may be you are rinking spiritual alcohol which masks thirst beneath a pleasant feeling, and leaves you with a hangover. Come to Jesus! He is the living water from God and the only real quencher fo spiritual thirst.