Little people, little deeds and a great big God

By Not Known

Some children at a Christian orphanage in Indonesia recently received several boxes of expensive multivitamins at no cost. It all happened through people in our congregation

One person had the vitamins. He looked for somewhere to send them. An elder and a deacon had some coincidental conversations. Yet another person became involved to setup the Indonesian link. Oh, and the Indonesian contacts just happened to be in Singapore and could take the vitamins straight back. And so the kids popped their pills!

There are many ORPC stories like this. Some involve giving care and encouragement to needy people. Others involved outreach activities. Many of them involve costly, ongoing and sacrificial labours by our members and worshippers. They are all little moments of grace that help make people’s lives better and extend God’s kingdom.

None of these stories appear as targets in the ministry plan. None will be recorded in the minute books because they happen off-line. Some happen through connections in our small group network and some at a personal level. None of the people involved see themselves as doing anything heroic or special. They are just little people doing little deeds.

But it is the work of our great big God to take these little people and their little deeds and knit them together into something special.

It’s an example of what we read in 1 Cor 3: 5- 9. Paul writes of how a group of people each play their part in some Christian activity and god watches over the whole thing and makes it happen. It’s also 1 Cor 12 at work – as dedicated people user their God-given talents in a harmonious combination for good ministry outcomes.

We may sometimes be discouraged. We think that the World’s problems are too big and our abilities too small to make any significant difference. But if we are all available to God, sensitive to his leading and willing to do our part in humble service that combines with others – then nothing is impossible

And of course, there are no ‘coincidences’ om any of this. It’s just our great big God taking little deeds from little people and using them for good – just as he always does.