The First Day

By Not Known

Mark mentions that the resurrection of Jesus Christ happened on the ‘first day of the week‘ (16:2). This is significant as it forges a link between the 2 creations of God. His first creation was to make the world. His second creation is the new creation in the crucified and risen Christ

The parallels are remarkable:

  • The first creation was physical and began on the first day of the first week (Gen 1: 1- 5). The second creation is spiritual and happened on the first day of another week.

  • The first creation began with darkness (Gen 1: 2) as did the resurrection day (Mk. 16:2)
  • The first day of the first creation saw the light of the risen sun (Gen 1:3) and the first day of the second creation saw the risen Son who is light (Jn 1: 4)
  • The first creation involved all of the Trinity (Jn 1:3; Gen 1: 2). In the first day of the second creation, God the Father raised God the Son thought God the Holy Spirit (Acts 2: 24; Rom 1: 4)

What about the outcomes?

God gave physical life in all the glorious variety and splendour of the first creation – as is celebrated by poets, artists and musicians. In the resurrection of Jesus, God gave the new creation of spiritual life (2 Cor 5: 17). This is equally worthy of celebration by poets, artists and musicians.

For now we live in a half-way house. The physical creation awaits its restoring liberation when human redemption is completed with the return of Jesus and the revelation of the new heavens and the new earth (Rom 8: 19-23; Rev 21: 1). At this point, God’s first and second creations will come together as all things are reconciled through Christ and God is all in all (Col 1: 15- 19; 1 Cor 15: 20- 28)

Now for the application: we are all part of God’s first creation by our physical birth from our mother’s womb. Even better – we can all be part of God’s second creation if we put our faith in the risen Jesus and share in the spiritual birth from the Father’s love (Jn 3: 3- 5)

Are you part of God’s new creation? Have you shared in the resurrection day of Jesus?