The Joshua Generation

By Not Known

Some time ago, a church gave this name to its Youth Ministy, the Joshua
Generation. Joshua represents the second generation and encourages every
second-generation leader. He was not the one who gathered the nation of Israel.
Moses did. Joshua only succeeded Moses upon his death. Joshua finished the
work that Moses started. Joshua was left with the challenge to lay hold of God’s
promises and walk in the Promised Land. Joshua has to overcome the adversity
and claim the victory awaiting him and the people of Israel.

There are several lessons we may learn from Joshua in his conquest of the land
that God has promised.


First, Joshua remained fully committed and submissive to God’s calling. Even for
the years under Moses’ leadership, he did not try to take things into his own
hand. Up to the point of Moses’ retirement through old age, Joshua remained
faithful to the leadership of Moses.

Second, Moses’ leadership was different from that of Joshua. Joshua’s military
style leadership was different from Moses’ diplomattic and reform style of
leadership. Yet, Joshua was unwilling to allow his own leadership style to
overcome him to overthrow Moses and assume control on his own. At the same
time when Joshua finally took over, he did not just imitate Moses but assumed his
own style. Joshua knew God’s timing and remained faithful to God’s timeline.

Third, Joshua in his conquest of Jericho and the rest of the land in Canaan, his
philosophy was to do “whatever it took”. He was willing to take risk with his no-nonsense
leadership. He was willing to pay with his life or whatever the price to
do that which he was committed to. He set a personal example for his followers
and simply took God at His promise.

Three principles: the principle of submissiveness, the principle of timing and the
principle of victory. The demand on God’s people was on obedience,
commitment and perseverance. God did not accept wavering, hesitation and
complaint as in the time of Moses. Clearly, we see that God has the right people
for the right moment to accomplish the task before us.

As we pray for and seek God’s leading in the nomination of leaders in our midst,
Let us seek God to raise up the Joshua generation of leaders to take us through to
the next phase of our church’s growth.