149 and Going Strong!

By Not Known

Today (Sun 30 Oct. 05) is the 149th anniversary of ORPC. We have much to thank God for. He has given the church strong growth, protected us in testing times, and have seen us through significant changes. This once-small church of Scottish expatriates have become a thriving city-centre church whose pace and variety reflects the character of Singapore. Thanks be to God indeed!

In one sense a church, like an individual, is always at a crossroad. So, where do we go from here?

We are presently undergoing some major changes. One of these is a change in leadership. We thank God for those who have served the church as senior leaders in past years and are glad for their continuing involvement and wisdom. We also thank God for the generational shift in leadership, such that we are presently able tosee the leadership team who will take us to the end of this decade.

Another major change is the new ministry plan. We thank God for the many good things achieved under past ministry plans. With God’s enabling, we look forward to doing bold new things as we seek to honour his name, build his kingdom and do his will in the next phase of his story among and through us.

The advent of new leaders and a new ministry plan is a good time to go back to basics. Today’s Bible passage takes us back to gospel basics. The gospel is a message about Jesus who died for our sins and was raised (1 Cor. 15: 1- 4). If there is no resurrection, then we have nothing of value to say to the world and are ourselves to be pitied (1 Cor. 15: 12- 32). But Christ has indeed been raised (vs 20) and this is God’s victory over the last enemy of death (vs 26, 54- 57).

Do you believe in the gospel?

This gospel should be at the living centre of our church in the present changes. Christ should be per-eminent in every leader and member’s heart and in every plan and action for ministry. We should also be confident in giving ourselves to hard work in the service of this gospel, knowing that our work is not an empty vanity (vs 58).

So, let’s use our anniversary to thank God, to go back to basics and to recommit to the great task of honouring God’s name by telling of his victory in Jesus.