Easter in our Everyday

By Not Known

The Easter message can be very simply stated.

  • We have a status of being rebels against God (Rom 3:23)
  • This arises from our sinfulness and guilt (Rom 1:18-3:18)
  • We cannot help ourselves (Rom 3:20)
  • God sent Jesus to die in our place and to be raised (Rom 3:21-25)
  • When we confess our sin and turn from it with trust in Jesus, God forgives us and enables a new life by his Holy Spirit (Rom 3:21-22)

This message is something that we hear and obey in the ‘once off‘ act of our salvation. But, it is also a message to be taken into every part of our everyday life. The gospel is to supply the structure of daily life.

What does this mean?

  • Life is to be lived within a cycle of acknowledging our weaknesses, admitting it when we do wrong and seeking forgiveness and help not to repeat ourselves.
  • On the other side, life is to be lived by showing grace to others: thinking the best of people, being quick to forgive and giving genuine opportunity for a fresh start.

All this is a conscious echo and expression of the Christian message of Easter.

Consider the alternatives. We see many people with the following habits and may also see them in ourselves:

  • Never admitting that we are wrong or saying ‘sorry’
  • Trusting only ourselves
  • Refusing to forgive others
  • Wanting punishment when someone has wronged us
  • Never forgetting the past and never giving others a fresh start

These are habits that deny the Christian gospel. They also make for stunted personalities, shriven lives and poor human relations. They lead people to fall out with each other and stay in broken relations. They poison family dynamics and wider human relationships.

It is easy to criticise others for these habits. But maybe we need to look at ourselves. Do you show any one of the above habits? Any one of them can be a sign that we are living with a proud legalism instead of living with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let’s rediscover the message of God’s grace this Easter and reflect it in our everyday life.