What If?

By Not Known

What if God had given up on humanity and not sent his Son?

What if Jesus had turned away from Jerusalem or fled the garden?

What if the first disciples had stayed in the upper room?

What if Philip never asked the Ethiopian what he was reading?

What if Paul said ‘No thanks’ when asked to leave home comforts for the mission field?

What if the missionaries who came to Asia had never come?

What if the people who prayed for your conversion were too busy with their own concerns?

What if the person who told you about Jesus was too scared or too lazy?

Almost everyone who believes in Jesus does so because someone else helped them. (Read Romans 10:9-15 slowly and prayerfully.) This help can take many forms:

  • One person prays
  • Another gives a Bible
  • Another invests time to build a real friendship
  • Another talks about what Jesus means to him
  • Yet another gives an invitation to attend a meeting where someone else will talk about Jesus

Maybe this is a good time to pause, to remember the people who helped you come to faith and to thank God for them. (Have you also encouraged these people by thanking them?)

Now is a time for all of us to play our part in passing on what we have received. Next Sunday is Outreach Sunday. Who will you pray for? Who will you invite? Who will you bring?