By Not Known

This is the time of the year when we often express a need for “new beginnings”. However, “new beginnings” that are genuine must lead us to a new way of thinking and looking at things. For us, these must begin from within us and occur with the help of God’s Spirit. This inner change will not only open our eyes to see things from a God-dominated perspective but will also enable us to participate in the rule of God.

Interestingly, Jesus uses the image of the wind in Jn 3:8 to help us understand how the Holy Spirit enables us to achieve new beginnings.

First, by definition, wind is air in motion. The Spirit like the wind, is in continuous action and is always working. Our Father always seeks to apply the finished work of Christ on everyone so that we may see, enter and participate in His rule. It means that at any time, even this very moment, we can experience God’s enabling to help us start all over again. It also means that whatever mess of our lives we have made in the past, with God’s help we can make a fresh start now.

Second, as Jesus says, “The wind blows wherever it pleases”, God’s Spirit is sovereign. We cannot dictate when, where and how the wind should blow but we can cooperate by erecting windmills to harness its power. It calls for humility on our part as we surrender to God’s sovereignty to do whatever He desires to bring about change. It even means suffering the pain that often accompanies change as we yield to God the first place in our lives.

Third, Jesus says that we cannot tell where the wind comes and goes when it is blowing. Similarly there is a mystery that is beyond us in God working out new beginnings and that also underlines God’s sovereignty. While we should use our Scripture-guided minds to attempt at understanding what God is accomplishing, we need to realise that God possesses the freedom to work “outside the box”. We need to be wary of our scientific upbringing that often causes us to reject things we cannot comprehend fully and our sinful nature that tends to reduce God into a formula in order to control Him.

Fourth, Jesus says that when the wind blows, “you hear its sound…” How can we “hear” the sound of God’s wind blowing in our lives? Towards the end of Jesus’ conversation in Jn 3:9-15, Jesus finally invites Nicodemus to believe in Him. Jesus is the only way for God to enable us to make new beginnings. As we follow Him, let us cast aside every hindrance as we begin afresh 2004 with our Lord.