The Bible Business

By Not Known

An increasing range of Bible ‘products‘ are available to the
Christian public. These include an ever-expanding number of translations,
apparently endless versions of the same translation packaged for different
markets and a huge range of supporting materials in hard and soft versions.

The positive side of this is that the Christian public has never had such
opportunity for Bible learning.

Are we really learning from the Bible?

What do we do with our endless supply of Bible products? Are they being used
effectively, or do we just browse and fast-feed? Our pressured lives squeeze out
the habit of slow and deep Bible learning and so we sometimes find ourselves
doing just enough Bible study to ‘cheat‘ our way through our small group
meeting or some ministry task. Or, do we treat the Bible like a vitamin pill –
take one small dose when feeling run down and then rush on your way?

How do we really learn from the Bible?

Real Bible learning means taking time out to be still before God and to
prayerfully engage with the text of the Bible, calling on the same Spirit through
whom the Bible was given to be our helper in understanding it (2 Pet 1:20-21; 1
Cor 1:9-12). Real Bible learning involves hard mental work to track down the
meanings of the words within whole books and to set each part of the Bible
within the mega-story that is centred on Jesus Christ (Lke 24:27; 2 Cor 1:19-20).
It is disciplined delight and meditation (Ps 119:15-16) that takes us beyond a
flavoured milk drink to the meat of the word (Heb 5:11-14).

What are we doing with our Bible?

There was once a man who had just one small Bible and not much else. It was
dog-eared, stained and held together with tape. Some Christian friends chided
him for not showing respect to his Bible. But his Bible was read often. It
travelled with him and was often opened for strangers with whom he shared
God’s message. And he tried to live by the Bible, with the help of God whom he
loved and served.

What are you doing with your Bible?