To Marry at ORPC

All couples who wish to be solemnized by an ORPC’s pastor and/or hold their solemnization in ORPC must apply in writing to the Session.  Session will only decide when the following criteria are met:  

  1. Both parties must be Christians. 
  2. At least one party must be an ORPC communicant member for a minimum of one year. Baptism/Membership certificates are to be attached to the application form. 
  3. Both must have completed the Marriage Preparation Class held at ORPC at least six months before the planned date of marriage.* 
  4. Divorcees are not eligible to apply. 

If criteria 1-4 are met, then

  1. proceed to complete the application forms. The marriage application form should be submitted to the church office at least six months prior to the date of marriage to facilitate meet-ups with the officiating pastor. 
  2. Meet for interview/s with the ORPC pastor officiating the marriage.  
  3. The form will be submitted for Session’s consideration upon the pastor’s recommendation. 

All bookings of church facilities are tentative until final approval from Session is given.  

*For cases that do not meet criteria 3 for special reasons, please speak to the ORPC pastor officiating the marriage.