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12 October 14 - Update on ORPC Redevelopment Project


In August 2013, a tender was issued for the appointment of a multi-disciplinary team to conduct a feasibility study for the remodelling and conservation of our church buildings. After some months of evaluation, deliberation and prayer, appointed Forum Architects and a team of multi-disciplinary consultants on 20th Dec 2013.

As required by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), which provides guidelines and approvals for conservation and urban design, Forum Architects submitted an Outline Planning application on 1st April 2014 for approval. When approved, Outline Planning will provide guidelines for the detailed design should the Church decide to implement the project.

On 16 th September 2014, Forum received an official reply from URA for the submitted OPP. The reply from URA provided temporary approval for the outline proposal for redevelopment subject to compliance to the various municipal requirements on

  • servicing and vehicular access,
  • provision of sufficient car park lots (based on size of worshippers)
  • land setbacks from boundaries and road reserves
  • restriction of development to height limits (six floors or less)
  • land intensification (less than 1.4 plot ratio)
  • conservation guidelines for our main sanctuary

The temporary approval expires in 6 months from date of reply (March 2015)

For the next stage, ORPC has 6 months (March 2015) to submit an approved detailed development plan to URA for its redevelopment subject to the above compliance. As per ORPC’s constitution, the congregation, in an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) must approve the detailed development plan.

In the meanwhile, the feedback received from the Dialogue will be considered and brought on board for further deliberations in the light of the reply from URA.

Scheduled Meetings and Events

Scheduled Date Meetings / Events  Status 
31 Aug 2014  Information Kit to be issued to Congregation Booklet was available for all congregations since 31st August. The information kit was also uploaded to the website
2 Sept 2014 Official Reply from URA expected Reply received from URA on 16th Sept 2014
13 Sept 2014  ORPC’s Dialogue Session with Congregational members Dialogue was held in the Sanctuary on 13th Sept with the attendance of 189 members. A minute of the dialogue session is being prepared and shall be published soon.
Jan 2015 Dialogue Sessions (Proposed)  Postponed from Nov 2014 due to unavailability of meeting facilities and also to provide sufficient time for consultants to work on recent feedback from congregation as well as municipal authorities’ requirements
To be determined ORPC Extraordinary General Meeting – final  decision by congregation on the project  

Other Meetings

Meetings to be scheduled with SLA, NParks, SingTel, PowerGrid, etc.

To God be the Glory!


  • Thank God for the Dialogue session held on 13th September 2014. We praise God for the good discussion we had and pray for God’s vision and mission to continuously be our motive and objective.
  • Thank God for the good response and steadfast commitment from leaders of Providence Presbyterian Church on the project. The ORPC-PPC MOU committee has made good progress in the 2nd committee meeting on 27th August 2014. The various points discussed at that meeting have be been submitted to both ORPC and PPC Sessions for their deliberations and agreement. A 3rd meeting was held on 8th October where Elder Leslie Chew was in attendance to help craft the new MOU for further discussions and subsequently for adoption together with the EGM on redevelopment next year. Pray that, through this strategic partnership, our two Churches will be closer in one spirit as we serve the Lord. 
  • Thank God for His timely provision of Presbyterian High School (PHS) as a probable holding venue for our Church when redevelopment starts. We continue to seek God's guidance, as House & Property Committee and the Logistics Sub-committee liaise with the school authorities to formalise facilities usage, as well as make the necessary logistical preparations and coordination with the various congregations and ministries in planning for the possible big shift in 2015. 
  • Thank God for the eventual reply from URA on the submitted OPP. Pray for the multi-disciplinary team and the ORPC Technical Committee as they respond and work along the various authorities on the next phase.


  • Pray for the leadership and the Redevelopment Committee as they work on the feedback and concerns received from the Dialogue session. 
  • Pray for God's continued protection of the integrity of our Church’s retaining wall structure and surrounding superstructures.
  • Pray for God's guiding hand as we liaise with the SLA, LTA and NParks Board regarding soil erosion and tree maintenance issues at the slopes behind our Church. Thank God for protecting us over the years and keeping the infrastructure safe thus far.
  • Pray for a clear vision from God on how to meet the future needs of our Church for space and facilities, and for God's guiding hand for the Redevelopment Committee and consultants in bringing the vision to fruition.
  • Pray for God's guidance as the Technical Committee works with the various service providers such as SingTel, OpenNet and Singapore Power to resolve statutory issues. May God also bless our discussions with the URA, LTA and Preservation of Sites & Monuments Board regarding redevelopment options.
  • Pray for God's guidance to the Church’s fundraising and communication teams in all their planning. We ask for the Lord's provision of adequate resources and the right people from our congregations to fulfill these critical roles.
  • Pray that Church Leaders and Congregation will be united by God’s vision and for everyone to commit to becoming an intentional disciple-making Church. Pray also that we will continue to trust God to provide the resources to fulfill His will for our Church.