pastor – missions & evangelism ministry


The Pastor overseeing the Missions & Evangelism (M&E) Ministry is responsible for the leading, directing and developing of Outreach Ministries including Evangelism, Local Outreach and Overseas Missions.  This position involves managing all outreach strategies, developing meaningful service opportunities and training and empowering qualified congregation member volunteers. The ultimate purpose is to encourage, equip and enable members to play an important role in extending God’s kingdom through effective outreach, mentoring and disciple-making. 

You shall be responsible and accountable to the Senior Minister and through him to The Session. 

This position is located at Orchard Road Presbyterian Church (ORPC). Governance is exercised under the oversight of The Session. You will be expected to work in close cooperation with the Senior Minister and the Convener / Committee Members of the Missions & Evangelism Committee with respect to strategy and directions of the ministry areas in which you are assigned to. 

You will be responsible, but not limited, to these five primary areas of focus:

  1. Local Evangelism and Outreach: covering evangelism and outreach activities and efforts in Singapore;
  2. Local Missions: covering initiatives to the international community in Singapore
  3. Overseas Missions: covering initiatives outside Singapore;
  4. Personnel Care: supporting missionaries serving all around the world (the “missionaries”); and
  5. Missions Education and Training: training and developing ORPC members so that they will be conscious of God’s calling and use their gifts to fulfil the Great Commission.


  1. Work closely with the M&E Convener in the development of the annual mission plan, as well as short and long range goals for missions.
  2. Oversee the implementation and execution of the goals and plans of the M&E Committee.
  3. Lead and coordinate evangelistic outreach efforts for ORPC.
  4. Team building of volunteers and equipping of leaders for local outreach and at overseas mission stations.
  5. Network with outreach partners, sending agencies and indigenous churches to broaden relationship within the ministry, and evaluate ideas for future ministry.
  6. Champion outreach efforts among ORPC leaders and members to deepen the burden and passion within the church for outreach.
  7. Educate / cultivate mission mindedness and participation among congregation members through targeted outreach avenues.
  8. Preparation of M&E activities to be published in the ORPC Annual Report.

If you would like to apply for this position, please email your full resume to our Senior Minister, Rev Dr Clive Chin at