Evangelism Equipping (EE) Courses

EE trains members to share the gospel in a clear and concise manner. Through on-the-job training, they are equipped with the skills and confidence to share the gospel to relatives, friends and anyone in a natural conversational way.  

Twice a year, we equip members in evangelism through EE courses. We have equipped more than 100 members trained in EE since 2012.

Through a two-hour lesson each week over eight weeks, trainees learn to effectively share the gospel in a concise and incremental manner, using many illustrations and scripture references.

Each session comprises a lecture, gospel outline recitation, practice and on-the-job training segment. Line upon line trainees gradually learn how to present the Gospel convincingly as they observe their trainer in a real life-sharing situation. With that experience, it builds confidence.

By the end of the training, trainees are able to share the whole Gospel presentation. They then, in turn, are equipped to become trainers, assisting others in learning how to do the same with the all-important process of multiplication in action.