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Youth Ministry


The Youth Ministry is a group of youth aged 13-19 years old who strive to be disciples deeply anchored in Christ. The youth has wonderful adults who help them in this race by being their bible study leaders and mentors. They also participate in the committee to organise important youth ministry events.

The ministry’s goal is for the youth to:

  • Grow closer to Christ (personal)
  • Encourage one another in their walk with God (peer)
  • Focus on love and the unity of the body (community)
  • Be concerned about bringing others to Christ (outward-looking)


Bible Study: The youth meet twice a month in small groups to delve deep into the Word of God. In the Bible Study Groups, they also pray for and support each other in their day to day walks.

Youth Service: On the other two Sundays of each month, they gather in the chapel for worship. It is run entirely by the youth with the sermons catering to their level and context.

Events: Various special events are organised for the youth. For example, in conjunction with Youth Day, we have Youth Sunday, and each year-end we have a Youth Camp.


This year, the Youth Ministry introduced a Tertiary Bible Study programme targeting youths aged 17-19 years old. Under this programme, which replaced the youths’ regular Bible Study programme, the youth meet every other week to look at God’s Plan as revealed in Scripture. Tertiary BS, which takes place outside of service timings, aims to aid in the transition from Youth to Young Adult Ministry by challenging the youths to take ownership of their faith and equipping them with a deeper understanding of God’s solution for the world.


  • PRAY FOR US: Only the Holy Spirit can do the essential work of changing the hearts of the youth so that they come to know Christ. Furthermore, the work of growing our next generation is demanding, and our youth leaders are human too! We absolutely need to be relying on the Lord’s strength, wisdom, and grace.
  • ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO COME: Time and time again, graduating youths have talked about the importance of their experiences of being plugged in to a Christian community in helping them stay rooted in Christ. Youths nowadays are very busy, but the investment of time into their faith now has eternal rewards.
  • CONNECT WITH YOUR CHILD: Read through the passage with your youth before or after bible study/sermons, and discuss it with them! This can help to your child explore questions or concerns they have, as well as reinforce the learning.
  • CONNECT WITH YOUR CHILD’S BSL: The Bible Study Leader (BSL) is probably the second most important influence in your child’s spiritual life (after the parents). We would love to partner with you to help your youth grow in the Lord.
  • LEAD A BIBLE STUDY GROUP: We are always in need of people who can faithfully lead the youths to explore the wonders of God’s Word together. Training is available to ensure that every BSL is equipped for service.
  • MENTOR A YOUTH: We would love to have more adults partner with us to walk with one or two youths on their discipleship journey.
  • SUPPORT OUR ACTIVITIES: Additional adult support in planning and running the activities of Youth Ministry would allow us to expand our scope. You could help plan a once-off event, supervise an ongoing programme, or provide financial support for some of the initiatives – the possibilities are endless!

What's Happening (Nov-Dec 2018):

  • 11 Nov - Y sermon - On the Ship (Jonah series)
  • 25 Nov - Y sermon - In the Fish (Jonah series)
  • 9 Dec - Y sermon - To the City (Jonah series)
  • 16 Dec - Youth@main (Lessons & Carols)
  • 19-22 Dec - Youth camp "Tell the World"
  • 23 Dec - Y sermon - Under the Plant (Jonah series)

Do contact Ps Timothy (63376681 x116) during office hours or visit the following for more information: