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Young Adults Ministry


The mission of the Young Adults Ministry (YAM) is to nurture young adults to be rooted in GOD’s Word within a community of spiritual support & to build each other up as leaders for service.


YAM aims to accomplish its mission through regular Bible Study, creating space for bonding and friendship through fellowship during quarterly events, serving together through organizing events, and even living together through our annual Dec camps.


YAM is undergoing a structural change in order to streamline its activities with the church. By referring its members to relevant church events and courses, the ministry hopes to integrate its members with the wider church, fostering relationships and creating opportunities for inter-generational support. By using the same Bible study materials as the rest of the church, the ministry is aligned to Sunday sermons, which also becomes a platform for inter-generational discussions.


As a ministry that bridges the young and the young at heart, the challenge we face is in catering to the many needs of a wide array of transitional life phases. Because of this very transient phase of life, mentors who are spiritually mature, humble, wise, and understanding are much needed to walk alongside our members to help them to become men and women after GOD’s own heart.

We will also need prayers for members to take ownership of their own spiritual growth, to have a sense of belonging in the ministry, to have a heart to serve, and for leadership renewal. Please pray alongside us and encourage us as we struggle through life with GOD as our buoy.

Please contact Ps Ho Wei Liang during office hours @ 63376681 (ext. 116).

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