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Sunday School


The Sunday School’s mission is to lead children to know God and depend on Him; to teach them to obey His word; and to encourage them to serve Him, so that all may grow together as one body of Christ.


The Sunday School runs a 40-week curriculum based on Lifeway’s Gospel Project. It shows children that the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story – God’s story of redemption. The lessons are complemented by the Scripture Memory System that encourages children to remember the Word of God in their hearts. Praise & Worship is also an integral part of Sunday School that helps children appreciate that all things are created for God’s glory and the ultimate purpose of man is to glorify God.

As parents play an important part of the spiritual growth of their children, the Sunday School teachers will connect with parents regularly to share about the lessons taught.


The Sunday School has initiated a new ministry using hand puppets to bring God’s message to children and adults – The PuppetMin. The feedback so far has been very positive.

A Scripture Memory System is also introduced this year. Each child is given beautifully designed scripture memory cards to keep - not just in their pockets but more importantly in their hearts.


The Sunday School are managed by volunteers. We need teachers, worship leaders to conduct the classes and worship sessions. We also need helpers for special events like Christmas party, children’s camp programme and field trips.

To find out more about the Sunday School Ministry, please read the following document: