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Westminister Shorter Catechism


July 2021 - Blessings of our Faith in Christ

Why do some respond to the Gospel while others don't? Why is God's grace irresistable? How has God revealed Himself to use through the Holy Spirit? What happens when a child dies in infancy? 

What will make me right with God? Why is it a privilege to be God's children? How does God make me aware that I am His child? What does it look like to be saved by God where I am now?

What is the Shorter Catechism?

The Westminster Shorter Catechism (or simply the Shorter Catechism) was completed in 1647 as part of the Westminster Standard. It is a succinct summary or exposition of Christian faith & doctrine, and has been a guide & teaching tool for the passing on of Presbyterian beliefs. The Shorter Catechism is composed of 107 Q&A's. Questions include - What is the chief end of man? What is God? How did Christ, being the Son of God, become man? What benefits do believers receive from Christ at death? 

Participants will gain an understanding of the essential Reformed perspective of God based on Scriptural texts.

Past Sessions

Date Topic
9 May 1: Introduction to the Westminster Shorter Catechism
23 May 2: The nature of God
11 July 3: God's decree and creation
25 July 4: God's creation of man and his providence for man
6 Sep 5: The Fall of Man and the Nature of Sin
20 Sep 6: The Effects of the Fall
4 Oct 7: God's provision of the covenant & sending of a Christ, His incarnation as our redeemer
18 Oct 8: The offices of Christ- God's prophet, priest & king par excellence
1 Nov 9: Christ's humiliation and exaltation
15 Nov 10: .Christ as prophet, priest and king
Discipleship Journey Evaluation Sheet
5 Jan 11: Knowing Christ as our Prophet
19 Jan 12: Knowing Christ as our Prophet - Part 2
2 Feb 13: Knowing Christ as our Priest
17 Feb 14: Christ as our Priest - Part 2
14 March 16: Christ as King
6 April  17: Christ as King
20 April 18: Knowing Christ as King
5 May  19: Knowing our blessings in Christ
18 May 20: Redemption Applied
6 July 21: Knowing our blessings in Christ
20 July 22: The blessing of our faith in Christ


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SoCM Online on Tuesday

7.30 - 8.30 p.m.

6 & 20 July 2021
The blessings of our Faith in Christ


Conducted by Rev Edward Goh

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