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The Westminster Shorter Catechism (or simply the Shorter Catechism) was completed in 1647 as part of the Westminster Standard. It is a succinct summary or exposition of Christian faith & doctrine, and has been a guide & teaching tool for the passing on of Presbyterian beliefs. The Shorter Catechism is composed of 107 Q&A's. Questions include -

  • What is the chief end of man? 
  • What is God?
  • How did Christ, being the Son of God, become man? 
  • What benefits do believers receive from Christ at death?

This four session series of SoCM Online classes will give an overview of the Shorter Catechism and the key concerns that have shaped its content; and study the first 12 questions concerning God as Creator and His relationship with man. 

Participants will gain an understanding of the essential Reformed perspective of God based on Scriptural texts.






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SoCM Online on Saturdays

11 am - 11:45am

9 May 2020
Introduction & Question 1-3
What do the scriptures principally teach about God & man.

23 May 2020
Question 4-Q6
 God - His infinite, eternal and triune nature and its implications for us.

13 June 2020
Question 7-9
God’s decree and creation— what God has determined in eternity which He executes in time through His creation and providence.

27 June 2020
Question 10-12
God’s creation of man and His providence for man through His covenant.

Conducted by Rev Edward Goh

 Registration Required
The Zoom Meeting Links
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