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The Communal Dimension of Discipleship

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Jesus’ form of discipleship included a complex balance of individuality and community. Yet the concept of community is everywhere apparent, whether it is the solidarity of the Twelve, the spiritual family emphasis (Matt 12:46-50), the promise of the church (Matt 16:18; 18:17) , or the relational responsibilities within the community (Matt 18). This talk focuses on the suggestion that Jesus’ treatment of the family is a key to understanding his form of discipleship. From the OT to the NT, the earthly family plays a major role in God’s plan for humanity. The family was established by God, it was protected by the Law, and it was an illustration of God’s relationship with his people. The family was the means through which succeeding generations of individuals were assured of being raised to know the will of God and importance of community life.

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