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School of Christian Ministry (SoCM)


SOCM is an in-house adult learning program of ORPC that aims to provide multi-level learning and seeks to equip participants with both knowledge and know-hows for effective ministry in the church.

SoCM aims especially to equip those who are already involved in ministry to sharpen their Word-based understanding as well as to nurture their ministry skills.  SoCM@ORPC aims to prepare members for better informed and more effective involvement in ministries.  However, it will still strive to meet the needs of all church members in their educational and equipping needs.  The goal is to produce members who have a strong foundation in the Word and a good grasp in the know-how of applying their knowledge in real-life ministry settings.  Hence a Ministry Internship Programme (MiP) will also be put into place to provide a platform for members who may having been identified and willing to come forward for training and equipping be readied eventually for further training at Bible colleges or seminaries.  

Courses may be conducted either on weeknights or on weekends depending on availability of facilitators or the length of course.


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