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Book Ministry


The Book Library provides spiritual supplements to enrich and equip church members with biblical truth and to strengthen their personal faith. It also provides resources for various ministry works.


The Book Library has a range of books

  • for men, women and children
  • for believers across diverse interests and needs
  • for believers across various stages of growth
  • for ponderous seekers of world views

Book Library membership is not confined to church members. Non-ORPC members are welcomed to register as members. Library members are also welcomed to email to suggest or share with us good, or possibly good, titles that Book Library could explore buying, which could potentially benefit others in similar and related struggles, states and situations.


The Book Library will like to embark on a survey to understand interests and needs of Book Library members. We also invite members to assist us in writing book excerpts or briefs to encourage more church members to read.

We have useful links to online resource


Please pray for sustained implementation of ideas and plans after implementing them.