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Bible Study Groups

Regular Bible Study Groups

Our regular small groups meet either in homes or in church on weekdays and weekends. These groups study an in-house materials following our Sunday sermon series. Contact our staff who will connect you to one of our small groups.

Bible Study For Women

Weekly daytime Bible studies and prayer in ORPC for women. Thursdays 10.15am (Dunman Hall).

SG Bible Class at Evening Service

If you worship with our evening service and wish to attend Bible study before the service, do consider joining our new Small Group based Bible study class being organized for 1st and 3rd Sundays, 5pm to 5.50pm (Dunman Basement).

International Friendship Bible Studies (Administered by M&E)

Are you working or studying in Singapore? Do you come from a country where English is not a daily working language? You are welcome to join in the following:

  • English as a Foreign Language Classes (Thursday)
  • International Friendship Bible Studies (Saturday or Sunday)

Marketplace Groups

Christian servants in the public square face great challenge of faith in their work environment daily. These can be an opportunity or a threat. Christian fellowship and encouragement is extremely crucial to support our marketplace Christians.

  • Raffles Place Fellowship (Last Friday, monthly, 12.30pm)
  • Tanjong Pagar Fellowship (Second Tuesday, monthly, 12.45pm)