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Congregational Care

The Congregational Care Committee helps to achieve the church’s mission by helping church members to love and serve one another and care for the needy in God’s world – and to go beyond meeting physical needs to meeting spiritual needs, leading onto Christian discipleship. Apart from the Small Group network through its Small Group Management Council, the Committee has responsibility for a range of ministries that provide pastoral care for different groups within the congregation:

  • Prayer Meetings: We meet regularly on the first Wednesday of every month at 8pm to pray for the church's ministry and for one another
  • Visitations: Our visitation teams visit regularly the house-bound, elderly, sick, bereaved and new birth.
  • Ministry To  Women (M2W):  Our Ministry to Women (M2W) is divided into 2 areas meeting the needs of our ladies through Fellowship; and encouraging service through Activity. Under Fellowship, we organise events and fellowship meetings/talks for ladies on bi-monthly basis on Saturday at 2pm. Under Activities, we have ladies manning the Sunday morning breakfast snack stalls and mission shop; prepare welcome gifts for new international students studying in TTC & SBC; organise fund-raising projects to raise money to buy bibles for the 3rd world country.
  • Ministry to Men (M2M)The vision of Ministry to Men (M2M) is for ORPC men to grow in spiritual maturity and bear fruit (Colossians 1:10). The objectives of M2M are:
    • To be a platform for ORPC men to learn the biblical role and responsibilities of men
    • For ORPC men to support one another in our challenges at family, work & church (Ecclesiastes 4: 9,10; Proverbs 27: 17)
  • Sunshine Fellowship : The Sunshine Fellowship (SSF) provides Christ-centred activities addressing the spiritual , educational and social needs of men and women with particular focus on the needs of the seniors. The SSF usually meet on every 1st Friday of the month.
  • Church Camp: The camp aims to foster Christian fellowship, support church vision and mission as well as help build personal spiritual discipline.
  • Small Group Ministry (SGM) : At ORPC, we run a variety of small group gatherings to help people grow at every stage of Christian understanding. From new believers to mature Christians, small group is a great way of learning God’s Word and knowing him personally. It also provides a network for mutual encouragement and support.