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Can outside users hire the church buildings for functions?
The church buildings are generally not available for hire to outside users. From time to time, the church hosts Christian functions by outside bodies, where these functions are consistent with and contributing to the church's mission.

Can I use the church buildings for my wedding photos or to make a film?
The buildings are generally not available for commercial and personal purposes.

What is the wedding policy of ORPC?
The church conducts worship services to solemnise and bless marriages. Both parties must be believing Christians (preferably baptised), one must be an ORPC member, neither can be divorced and the couple must attend a marriage preparation class provided by the church. A church wedding normally takes a minimum of six months to organise. Contact the church office for further details.

How do I organise for a funeral to be conducted by ORPC?
Please contact the church office for help.

Does ORPC comply with common requirements re governance and financial reporting?
The church takes its obligations to transparency and accountability very seriously. We practice high standards of governance within the framework of the constitution of the Presbyterian Church of Singapore. The financial accounts are maintained by external accountants and subject to audit by a major audit firm.

Is there a published history of ORPC?
A history was written in the late 1980s by Rev Dr Anne Johnson (a former associate pastor). Contact the church office for a copy.