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Vision and Mission

Under God, our vision is to be a church:

  1. that extends God's kingdom through effective outreach, mentoring and making disciples in the workplace and the world
  2. where members follow Christ in loving and serving one another in a Church that empowers, develops and encourages members to develop growing relationships with Christ
  3. where members serve in various ministries, maximising their God given gifts to the fullest, thereby bringing honour to God's name and glorifying God in thoughts, words and deeds.
  4. that builds strong Christian families at home and in church

Under God, our mission is to:

  1. honour God's name through faithful and reverential worship and in the faithful preaching of God's word
  2. abide in Christ as a living example through the teaching and sharing of his word, learning about and serving him, understanding his purpose and doing what He taught us to do
  3. be an intentional disciple-making community that glorifies God in giving him first place in all that we are and do