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  1. With respect to God are:
    • Affirming Christ's pre-eminence
    • Accountable to God for a gospel-centred use of all resources that God has provided.
    • Enduring, faithful and reverential to God in worship and in all else and for all generations.
    • Committed to the authority of God's word and its proclamation with Bible-centred and Spirit-filled teaching.
    • Dependent on God in prayer.
  2. With respect to one another are:
    • Showing Christ's love by hospitality and care for one another
    • Accepting one another as equals in Christ
    • Valuing each person for his/ her unique and necessary contribution to the church's life and ministry
    • Doing our utmost as unto the Lord by seeking and striving to maintain a high standard of spiritual excellence and accountability in all our ministries and activities and to each other
  3. With respect to the world are
    • Love the world as God's creation and for which Christ died
    • Care for the world's needs as for our own needs
    • Proclaim and express God's gospel in words and deeds with the aim of making followers for Jesus Christ