Till Death Do Us Part?

By Not Known

What would you do if your spouse was absolutely adamant about breaking her marriage vows?  The last thing you ever wanted was a divorce and you have tried very hard to save the marriage.

But sadly, your spouse went ahead.  She had already started the proceedings by instructing her lawyers to initiate a dissolution.  She saw the end of the marriage to be the sole solution to her unhappiness.  Besides, there was this man waiting on the side, ever ready to marry her once the divorce became effective!  What would you do?

Many would see no point in pursuing the matter if you had a spouse who had already decided to end the marriage.  But not my friend!  Instead of giving up like most people would have done without a murmur, my friend who had hitherto been so passive, decided to take the initiative!   In response to the letter sent by the wife’s lawyers, he suddenly decided to put his foot down and said “enough is enough, NO!”

He opposed the divorce!  And he did so because he believed the marriage to be God-ordained.  God had brought him and his wife together in the first place, even though the wife had now decided that their marriage was over and divorce was the only way out!  Not so, my friend.  He decided to stick to his original conviction which he believed to be also God’s original intention.  Thus, he should still keep to his side of the marriage covenant and he was not going to let go and consent to the break-up!  Change his mind?  No way, it would be over his dead body, come what may.

I do not know what the end is going to be.  Only God knows.  Perhaps it may achieve nothing at all.  What can a single hand trying to clap achieve?  Perhaps, it would prompt the wife to pause and think again, especially in a day and age when divorce comes far too easily.  My friend’s decision indeed surprised everyone.  I admire his courage and applaud him for standing up for his convictions and to what is probably God’s prompting.  
It is good to make a stand and go against the tide: to say NO against what one does not believe in.  And most importantly, to listen to God’s voice, when He speaks.


Joseph Teng