Ten Commandments And Us?

By Not Known

Our sermons series on Exodus finally takes us to the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20. It was three months since God’s people journeyed out of Egypt. They had seen various displays of God’s power, and witnessed His presence as He descended on Mount Sinai. Israel was undergoing a unique faith-building process. At this point, God gave them these ten laws. It was Israel’s call to respond in faith to God after He graciously brought them to where they were.

How does following these laws reveal faith? Think about this. When they trusted in God alone, there could be no room in their hearts for other gods. When they depended on God completely, there would be no need to steal, to lie, or to bear false witness against their neighbours. And when they rested on God’s promises wholeheartedly, they could use the Sabbath as a day of rest to think and honour God.

These laws are not a checklist of dos and don’ts, but are our life’s responses centred on God. For through Him, they experienced grace and freedom. God was creating for a people who would love Him.

Sadly, as Scripture revealed, rather than living out these laws in response to God’s saving grace, they lived under the law trying to earn His approval to attain salvation. Israel twisted God’s intention of the Law and became trapped by the Law in spiritual slavery ever since.

Romans 8:4 teaches us that ‘therefore Jesus Christ was sent into our world, to be the fulfilment of the Law.’

In the light of Jesus, are the Ten Commandments still relevant to us? Yes they are, because God has called us to live holy and obedient lives according to the commands that He has given in Scripture. It also reminds us of what life is like for believers; faith only in God and no other being; contentment in God that enables us to live without selfish reasons or gains; and the ability to find rest in the promises of God. Jesus came to make this possible.   

Through the person of Jesus Christ, not only can we get back to the original intention of the Law but also thrive in it through His Spirit. We need to be reminded daily that it has nothing to do with our performance, but everything to do with Jesus.

Let us not be bent towards a checklist of items and a performance-driven relationship with God. Let us reflect daily about what Jesus has done: praise Him with thanksgiving; constantly finding delight in Him; and growing in our need for Him more and more each day.

May this be our guide to live a holy and obedient life in Christ.


Amos Lau